Staff Wellbeing

Teaching is a tough job. It can be immensely rewarding but also physically and emotionally draining.

We know that good health and wellbeing are essential to happy schools. Addressing the well-being of teachers is an important step to addressing the wellbeing of pupils, as engaged, cared for teachers are better able to support and care for their pupils, supporting them to THRIVE! 

School staff often juggle multiple tasks and demands, so a focus on staff wellbeing has become increasingly important when considering a whole school approach. Workloads, deadlines and challenging behaviours can all impact negatively on the well-being of school staff therefore it is essential that staff feel effectively supported, listened to, appreciated and understood. 

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good staff well-being can have a number of benefits for schools

Increased productivity

Reduced absence in relation to sickness

Staff feel valued, supported and invested in

Positive impact on pupils supporting the whole school to feel more engaged

Staff are better at managing stress 

Resources for Schools on Staff Wellbeing

Every school is different, and when it comes to supporting staff wellbeing what works will vary according to the unique environment of each school.

Mentally Healthy Schools

Supporting Staff Wellbeing

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Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools

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