Alcohol & Drugs

Young people experiment with alcohol and drugs for a number of reasons.

This may be due to peer pressure, to experiment or to lesson the feelings associated with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. While attitudes towards drugs and alcohol among young people are changing, they are still a major health concern. 

Risk associated with alcohol and drugs

Interferes with adolescent brain development, affection, memory, reactions, learning ability and attention span

Can severely damage developing organs such as the lungs, brain and liver

Affects ability to make decisions and judge situations, leading to risky behaviour such as unprotected sex

Increased risk of heavier, harmful use during adulthood

Alcohol and Drugs in Young People

NHS Digital’s Smoking, Drinking and Drugs Use among Young People in England Survey 2018 noted

0 %
of pupils had ever had an alcoholic drink
0 %
of pupils had ever smoked a cigarette
0 %
of pupils had ever taken drugs
Talk to Frank

Find out everything you need to know about drugs, their effects and the law,  plus information and advice for parents on how to talk about drugs with their children. 

Resources for Schools on Drugs and Alcohol

While parents need to play a critical role in educating their children about drugs and alcohol use, schools can play a vital role is supporting this learning.  Engaging students in drug education activities assists them to make healthy and safe choices, identify risky situations and develop strategies to prepare them for challenging situations such as peer pressure at an early age.

PHE Rise Above

Teacher resources on Drugs and Alcohol for Key Stage 3 & 4

Drink Aware

Information, tools and advice to help people make better choices about their drinking 

targeted Youth Service

The Bracknell Forest Youth Service provides preventive teaching and support that compliments substance misuse education delivered in schools with the aim to reduce harm from substance misuse, delay age of use and to ensure early identification of young people at risk. 

Workshops include Alcohol Awareness, Drugs – Know the score and Staying safe while partying. 

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