Health & Wellbeing

Promoting physical and mental health in schools creates a virtuous circle reinforcing children's attainment and achievement that in turn improves their wellbeing, enabling children to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Chief Medical Officer of England

Good health and wellbeing is more than the absence of illness, it is about the whole person – giving equal attention to physical, emotional and social aspects of health. It is important for many reasons; it support individuals to develop their potential and means that we can achieve more of the things we want to do in life. It enables us to work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships and contribute to our community. 

Childhood and adolescence are critical periods for developing attitudes, skills and knowledge around health and wellbeing. We know that children with poorer health and wellbeing or who have special education needs or disability, are more likely to have poorer outcomes in life.

Education and health and wellbeing are closely linked. Pupils with better health and well-being are likely to achieve better academically, therefore schools have a critical role in supporting students to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

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The Bracknell Forest Children and Young People’s website aims to support schools, parents and carers to improve the health and well-being of children and young people across the borough.

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