LGBT Inclusivity

As they grow up all young people will start to explore their identity and who they are.

This will include thinking about who they are attracted to, how they feel about their gender and the different ways to express their gender. 

The government estimates that six percent of the UK population identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual and one percent identify as trans. This means that schools are likely to have two lesbian, gay or bisexual young people per class group and one trans young person per year group. 

Teaching about LGBT inclusivity is hugely important as school should be a place where difference and diversity is respected and celebrated as it prepares children and young people for a life in a socially inclusive society.


Support for LGBT children, young people and their families

LGBT Young People

Though progress is being made, we know young LGBT people still face significant challenges in school.  The impact on attainment, health and well-being is significant and schools have a role to play in providing an environment that is supportive and inclusive and raises awareness that different types of identities and relationships exist.The School Report 2017 by Stonewall found: 

0 %
LGBT Students

are bullied for being LGBT at school

0 %
Trans Students

are bullied at school

0 %
of LGBT and Trans Students

regularly hear phrases such as ‘that’s so gay’ or you’re so gay’ in school

0 %
of Trans young people

and 61% of lesbian, gay or bi young people have self harmed

Mermaids UK

Support for trans young people, parents and professionals 

LGBTQI+ Mental Health

A resource to support the mental health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex young people

Resources for Schools on LGBT Inclusivity

In primary schools, teaching about LGBT families ensures that children from LGBT families see themselves reflected in what they learn. It does not attempt to promote a particular sexual orientation, it teaches about identities and relationships.

Building on this work in secondary, schools can help young people, including LGBT young people, make informed decisions about the relationships they have and grow up feeling proud of who they are. Below are resources to support LGBT teaching in schools. 


Lesson plans and materials for primary and secondary 


Resources and video’s to support teachers and parents to teach about gender identify and sexual orientation

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