Healthy Relationships & Abuse in Relationships

Abuse in relationships can happen to anyone. It's not always physical, but emotional and sexual as well.

A healthy relationship involves respect, trust and consideration of the other person. Everyone has the right to feel loved, safe, and free to be themselves. Relationship can be confusing, and unless you understand what a good relationship looks like, it can be difficult to understand what is and isn’t normal behaviour.  

Disrespect Nobody

There’s a person attached to every body, respect both.

The Disrespect Nobody campaign and website provides help and advice that helps young people to understand what a healthy relationship is and re-think their views of controlling behaviour, violence, abuse, sexual abuse and what consent means within their relationships. 

Healthy Relationships and Abuse in Young People

Abuse in relationships is never acceptable, but evidence suggests that relationship abuse among young people is common. The Safe young Lives: Young People and Domestic Abuse Report noted: 

0 %
Of Young Men

had experiences of domestic abuse

0 %
Of Young Women

had experience of domestic abuse

0 %
Boys 13-14

thought that hitting a partner would be ‘okay’ in at least one of twelve scenarios they were presented with

0 %
Girls 13-14

thought that hitting a partner would be ‘okay’ in at least one of twelve scenarios they were presented with

Sexting in Schools and Colleges

Advice for schools on preventative education and managing reports of sexting 

Resources for Schools on Healthy Relationships

Relationships and Sex Education supports young people to identify the difference between a healthy and an abusive relationship, and supports them to feel more confident in speaking out when things aren’t right. 


Resources and video’s to support teachers and parents to teach about healthy relationships


Lesson plans on making sense of relationships

PHE Rise Above

Teacher resources: Positive relationhips, Bullying and Cyber-bullying for Key Stage 3 & 4


Myth vs Reality, PSHE Toolkit for 11-14’s exploring online pornography, healthy relationships and body image

Disrespect Nobody

Lesson plans aimed at preventing abuse in teenage relationships

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