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THRIVE! Creative Arts Competition

In May, The Bracknell Forest Council Public Health Team ran a competition for local primary and secondary school students to submit artwork inspired by he health and wellbeing themes on THRIVE!

Students were asked to choose a topic from the website and produce artwork that expressed their own thoughts and feelings about health and wellbeing. They could choose from a number of themes, including healthy relationships, internet safety, healthy eating, physical activity, emotional wellbeing and online relationships. 

Mrs Wilhelmy, Teacher in Charge of Art and Photography at Brakenhale said

“given the creative and imaginative response from our students, we trialled a new way of teaching Art last summer to huge success. This academic year we have started teaching KS3 curriculum using principles of Teaching for Artistic Behaviour – which means we set a theme and allow the students to response with their own ideas.”

We received a vast number of entries, with students across the Borough showing us there is more than one way to express how they feel about health and wellbeing. Well done to all our winner below.

 Head over to our gallery to see all the submissions we received. 

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